Aaron Booth - Back Stories


Aaron Booth - Back Stories

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专辑名称:Back Stories
歌手姓名:Aaron Booth

Aaron Booth is a Canadian indie-pop singer/songwriter based in Calgary.
He has released four albums. His debut, Transparent, quietly climbed
its way up radio charts and onto critic's top ten lists in 2002,
leading to a move to Toronto, national tours and a deal with Endearing
Records, who released Our Last Escape in 2004 and I***4 in 2005.

Since then Aaron's music has taken him to Europe, Japan, USA and back
to Canada to work with musicians from Arcade Fire, The Weakerthans and
Wooden Stars. Extracurricular activities include playing bass for
Toronto band Lake Holiday; Pigeonbooth, a collaboration with Calgary's
Woodpigeon; and recently covering Hello Mary Lou for a Ricky Nelson
tribute released by US label, Planting Seeds Records.

Aaron's latest album, Back Stories, will be released on March 29th.

“Booth returns with his finest, most balanced record yet. Born quickly,
the songs of Back Stories came in a flood--as songs often do to those
who've held them back. Ranging from the pop-motorik of "Voice in the
Night" to the plucked melancholic romanticism of "Nightingales," Back
Stories, recorded between Sundae Sound studio and the artist's own
house, is a true beauty worth taking to heart and doubtless evidence of
Booth's place as the city's finest singer-songwriter.” (Calgary Herald,
Feb 2008)

01. Voice In The Night
02. Blue
03. Same Thing After All
04. Ghost
05. Nightingales
06. We Don't Pretend
07. Tremble At The Long Run
08. Words We Give Away
09. Closer To The Vine
10. The Many Lead The One


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